DLC Roadmap

Before I announce this I just want to say that none of this planned DLC could even see the light of day, but as of typing, I am heavily invested in working on two DLC packs for Ao Oni R, which I will discuss below.

DLC Pack 1 - Alternate Outcome

Alternate Outcome is a 'what if' continuation of the best ending to Ao Oni R. 

Thinking he has escaped, Hiroshi wakes up to find himself deep underground in an abandoned mine. Hiroshi must explore the mine while avoiding a new enemy and finding his friends. 

This DLC pack is the furtherest along in terms of development and the gameplay differs greatly compared to that of the main game. The maps are much larger and there are no area transitions, instead being fully dynamic, with the new enemy always patrolling the area. The enemy has distance based sight and chase mechanics, as well as a few minigames based on where you decide to hide. The maps are much darker than usual and the player will have to rely on their senses to avoid danger. This is achieved with the addition of distance based noise that the enemy will create.

Along with the enemy seeing new improvements, Hiroshi and his friends will all receive unique abilities, which need to be used in order to advance in the game. Hiroshi will be able to bring along a single ally during the game to help him out. Abilities each character have will relate to their personalities, such as Hiroshi being able to solve puzzles and combine items while Takuro will be able to move heavier items and sprint short distances, while Takeshi has the ability to enter crawlspaces and hide at any time, at the cost of possibly being caught.

DLC Pack 2 - Tales

Tales will be a series of short gameplay based stories that will flesh out and develop more of each characters backstories, such as their personality, social life and lifestyle. Also included in Tales will be several minigames and the possibility of new outfits and game modes that can be unlocked. This DLC is still very early in development so I'm afraid I can't share anything else about it.

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I hope the DLC has been made, what's the progress on it?

oh my gosh.... This is beautiful