Ao Oni R Version 1.1.9

Ao Oni R has been updated to version 1.1.9

This update will probably be the last for the game as I now feel I've (hopefully) gotten all major bugs and addressed all issues I've wanted that I somehow overlooked. I was saving this patch to go alongside the DLC but I feel it's a waste keeping this many changes gated behind it. Fingers crossed I can finally concentrate on the DLC for once.

- Made area transitions in the Mansion North Hall more visible.

- Updated the pathfinding script to a more recent version.

- Adjusted all major cutscene text to try and prevent cut off due to the speech bubbles.

- Fixed several issues relating to the perfect ending.

- Fixed several save issues related to the Hell difficulty.

- Fixed a typo when explaining the difficulty (it said normal was 10% when it should be 15%)

- Fixed an issue where the unlockable costume Hiroshi was wearing would reset.

- Decreased difficulty of Laboratory.

- Fixed lighting issues with the Laboratory area.

- Edited a scripted Oni appearance in the 2F Music Room.

- Adjusted the Slug/Caterpillar Oni's fall timer from 60 to 30 frames (I felt they were too easy)

- Fixed some sound effect issues in the Annex.

- Adjusted the Gun Powder puzzle to be more accessible.

- Increased the difficulty of the Inbetween area slightly.

- Fixed an issue where the correct conversations were not playing out when Mika died.

- Fixed an issue where Mika was still appearing even when she had been seen getting killed.

- Fixed an issue where Mika was not dying when entering the basement.

- Fixed an issue where it would show Mika transforming into an Oni in the basement after seeing her death in the Old Building.

- General behind the scenes clean up of old events.


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Jan 05, 2019

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Wait you're making DLC for this game!? That's a surprise!